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Bert Garai

founder of Keystone Press Agency,
Paris & London

Bob Moynier

founder of Keystone Press Agency,

Keystone Press Agency was founded in the early 1900’s in London, by Bert Garai. The Canadian office, located in Montreal was founded in 1960 by Bob Moynier, who was a staff photographer at Keystone Press Agency’s Paris office. For the last 40 years, Keytsone has accumulated an extensive collection, including over 1.5 million black and white, and over 2 million color images. Since 1960, international news has become more and more popular, and Keystone’s philosophy has always been to see beyond the borders. The Keystone Press Agency, Ltd. (Canada) collection includes news and feature photos from all over the world, covering many diverse subjects of international interest.

Eric Moynier has taken the agency into the new millennium by making the archives available online. Keystone Press Agency, Ltd. (Canada) receives approximately 1,000 digital images per day from their foreign correspondents. which then are added to the Online Photo archives, which are available with a user ID and password.

If you can not find the images online, please make a request with our picturedesk, a search will be performed, then the found images will be scanned and you will be informed that the images requested are available at the Online photo archives.

The following categories comprise the main collection at Keystone:

PORTRAITS - including movie stars, news personalities, royalty, artists, politicians, fashion models and designers, athletes, and television actors. Also indigenous ethnic groups from all over the world.

LANDSCAPES - including places of historical significance, animals, architecture, and scenic landscapes. Geography covering North and South America, Caribbean, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Russia.

FINE ARTS - including paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

MUSIC - including all genres and decades.

TRANSPORTATION - includes automobiles, trains, planes, boats, and bicycles.

TECHNOLOGY - Modern science, computer systems, satellite systems, medicine.

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